Serving the Art of Orthodox Christian Hagiography

We are proud to bring the legacy of Greek Orthodox Christian Iconography(Hagiography) to the United States. We offer the highest quality icons to you, directly imported from the Evangelopoulos family in Greece. Our masterfully crafted products recapture the grandeur of this unique Byzantine era artform. More than elegant art, these icons are spiritual instruments of worship and veneration.

Evangelopoulos Icons is a multi-generational family of iconographers who have served the art of Hagiography for over forty years. Located in Thessaloniki, in Northern Greece, their artistic creativity has been greatly influenced by the Byzantine artistry that is manifest throughout the city. Being for several centuries the second-most important city of the Byzantine Empire, Thessaloniki played an important role for Christianity during the Middle Ages and has been decorated by impressive buildings.

Our mission

To provide as many people as possible with the opportunity of having an icon, and thus sharing and being part of the legacy of Christian Orthodox Hagiography and Faith.